A Printer Door - This door must be closed during printing. It has UV-resistant glass to protect the observer from the UV radiation emitted by the projector. It also prevents outside light from getting in the build chamber during printing.
B Power/Navigation Button - Turns machine on/off and serves as the control for printer functions. For its use in printer-functions, please see the section Power Button. The power button also displays different colored lights to indicate the printer's status.
C Front Display - A dot-matrix display that serves as the UI on the printer
D USB Port - this allows the user to send build files via a USB drive
E Network Port - connects the printer to internet or LAN
F Power Jack - plug the AC adapter into this inlet
G Build Chamber - Compartment where 3D part is printed
H Front Leveling Feet - Can be used in leveling the printer


The printer is only one component of the complete system. Many accessories and other components make up a printer facility. This section describes these accessories and components.