UV Radiation Hazard

The printer's projector emits UV radiation at 405nm during machine boot-up and during a build. Radiation of 405 nm is in the violet spectrum and is not considered hazardous. However, power fluctuations may cause the projection system to emit radiation under 400 nm, placing it in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Under normal operating conditions, the UV radiation is completely confined.  Printer covers and doors should remain closed and locked during printing to prevent exposure to UV radiation.

RADIATION HAZARD: Operating the equipment outside the scope of this guide, or performing procedures other than those specified within this guide, may result in exposure to hazardous, invisible UV radiation.

RADIATION HAZARD: Never stare directly into the projector, nor into any reflection of the projected RADIATION, whether diffused or from a mirror-like surface.

WARNING: Open-projector operation should occur only during service procedures performed by 3d Systems certified service personnel.

if printer door is open during operation, Wear protective eye wear that blocks uv light.