Safety Notice

CAUTION: Use of controls or adjustments, or performance of procedures other than those contained in any official manual for this machine, may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

NOTE: Closed-projector products are not considered to be hazardous.

This machine incorporates an optical system which, by itself, may be hazardous. However, this machine incorporates a protective housing and UV-protective viewing window in the machine design such that there is no exposure or human access to the UV radiation generated by the projector during normal operation.

All service to the projector process machine, the embedded optical system, and other components requiring removal of printer panels shall only be performed by 3D Systems Corporation service personnel, their authorized agents, or personnel who have been service trained by 3D Systems Corporation.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall attempts be made by the user to operate the projector with access panels removed that allow access to UV radiation. Labels are provided on the products that indicate hazards.

The projector should not be operated if any of the UV-protective windows is damaged or removed. Contact your authorized print-material provider for replacement information.

Product Labels

The numbers in Item column below correspond to the numbers in the images that follow.

Item Description Qty Label
1 System Label, printer - Contains system information and certification symbols 1 fab-system-label.jpg

UV-Warning Sticker/Moving Parts Sticker

UV Light - Do not look directly in the light. May be harmful to the eyes

Moving Parts - Hazardous moving parts. Keep body parts out of the motion path.

1 caution-uv-radiation-label.jpg
3 Power Brick Label - contains information and certifications relating the to power supply 1 power-brick-label.jpg
4 Service Contact Label 1 service-contact-label.jpg
5 Remove print tray and glass base before moving printer. 1 remove-print-tray-warning.jpg


Printer Label Placement