System Installation

Installation of your system encompasses three separate steps:

  1. Purchase and arrival of third-party equipment or supplies you may have ordered.
  2. Delivery of your FabPro system shipment.
  3. Unboxing and installation of your FabPro system components.

System Unboxing

Please see the section Unpacking the printer.

Preparing for System Installation

In preparing your facility for FabPro system placement, you must consider three main factors:

  • Make sure that you have the necessary doorway and passageway clearance to move either the boxed or unboxed components to their final destinations.
  • Make sure that you have another person to help team-lift the system up to its staging area, boxed or unboxed.
  • Be sure that the desk/countertop/table the printer is staged on can handle the weight load of the printer and other ordered components. Please see the section Weights and Measures for more information.

Minimum Passageway and Door Openings

Most standard doorways and hallways provide adequate access for moving the system. Each doorway and hallway must be wide enough to move and turn a box measuring 62 x 62 x 101 cm (24.5 x 24.5 x 39.75 in), while also allowing room for the people carrying it. Determine the pathway from where you will receive the boxed components to where your FabPro system will be installed. Walk this path, and measure any critical doorways or passageways to ensure that the equipment can be moved through the area. If a passageway or doorway is too small for the boxed FabPro system, it may be necessary to remove the FabPro system from its box before moving the unit. Since the printer is only 61.2 cm (24.1 in) high, the height limitations of most any door will not be an issue.