System Delivery

After placing your order, the printer will be shipped to you. Ensure that the area you intend to place your printer system is ready to move the system into, and that you have two or more people available to help lift the printer, before scheduling the delivery. The following information will guide you through this preparation phase.

Preparation for Receiving

Moving and positioning the boxed printer on its pallet requires the use of a pallet jack, as the unboxed printer on a pallet weighs 54.9kg (121 lbs). If moving the package by hand, first remove the boxed printer from the pallet. You will then need to team-lift it.

NOTE: While some printers from 3D Systems require a certified field technician for installation, the installation of the FabPro 1000 is performed by the customer.


Transporting the printer

Once you have unpacked the printer, a team-lift-and-transport system works best for moving it. team-lift.jpg