Part 3

Air Cleanness

The room housing the FabPro system does not require special ventilation beyond air conditioning. Reasonable care should be taken to minimize dust and smoke which could contaminate the FabPro/NextDent material and cause deterioration of optical surfaces. Avoid temperature fluctuation. Since dust, smoke and temperature fluctuations can affect the performance of the machine and the quality of the parts, an area with filtered air flow is recommended. Avoid proximity to machine shop areas, or where milling, grinding, or sanding is performed.


Standard fluorescent lamps with clear plastic diffusers are recommended to minimize ultraviolet exposure, which could negatively affect the FabPro/NextDent material. Sunlight, quartz-halogen lamps, and high-intensity incandescent lamps are not suitable; and UV-intensive lighting or ultraviolet exposure through windows should be avoided. UV filters are available for windows and exposed fluorescent lamps. Any exposure of the material to any of the light sources described in this section is likely to cure the material, thereby wasting it and forcing a difficult cleanup.

Door or Other Method of Preventing Access to Room

The site should be able to be isolated from other employees or personnel during emergency situations, such as a major material spill. The system is safe and does not present hazards to properly trained personnel operating the system in accordance with our specifications. However, the system should be installed in an area that can be cleared of untrained personnel during cleanup of a spill or response to other emergency situations.

Network Access

The printer controller computer includes an Ethernet port, which can be connected to a 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet network to offer network access to the FabPro system. An RJ45 cable is packaged in with the printer. Remote operation of the printer is not available.

Telephone Service

Dedicated telephone lines are not required for normal operation of an FabPro system. However, you may wish to install a dedicated telephone line in the FabPro system installation area to facilitate discussions with 3D Systems Customer Service personnel while the machine is in operation, should the need arise.