Part 2

Heat Dissipation

The printer is not expected give off significant heat under normal operating conditions.


The temperature in the room or location where the FabPro system resides should remain stable to allow for optimal system operation and optimal part quality.

FabPro™ and NextDent® materials should be kept between 18°C-28°C (64.4°F-82.4°F)*. Since there is material in the print tray, this guideline applies also to the temperature of the room the printer is in. Be sure to follow the temperature specifications set forth in your material's Instructions for Use/SDS.

*For Figure 4 FLEX BLK 10 print material, printing temperatures outside the range of 10-30°C (50-86°F) can cause printed-part properties to change.


The optimal humidity in the printer build chamber and lab will depend to a certain degree on the FabPro/NextDent material selection. Regardless, the humidity should always be non-condensing and should not vary outside the range of 30 to 70% RH*. Review your FabPro/NextDent material information (SDS, product datasheet, and product labeling) for specific information on recommended humidity levels.

*For Figure 4 FLEX BLK 10 print material, humidity outside the range of 10-65% RH can cause printed-part properties to change.


The FabPro system is capable of operating correctly up to an altitude of 3000m (9843 ft.) above mean sea level.

Overall Sound-Pressure Level (OASPL)

The sound of the FabPro system will not exceed 85 db.