Clean Printed Parts - Introduction

The following equipment is needed to clean parts produced on the printer:

  1. Plastic containers with lids, which are included with the printer. If it is your preference to use other containers, be sure they are large enough to accommodate the parts you will print.
  2. Digital timer
  3. Solvent, as prescribed in the Cleaning Chart
  4. Optionally, you could have an an ultrasonic cleaner, which agitates the cleaning solvent using ultrasonic sound waves. If this is the best solution for you, your ultrasonic cleaner should have:
    1. Digital Timer
    2. Volume big enough to accommodate the parts you will print, along with:
    3. Stainless-steal or glass rinse tanks big enough to accommodate the parts you will print. Plastic containers (like the ones included with the printer) will not have a good enough transfer of energy to be effective in an ultrasonic cleaner.

NOTE: Some materials require the use of an ultrasonic cleaner for part cleaning to achieve certification as a medical device for its printed parts. Please read your material's Instructions for Use to determine if you must use ultrasonic methods.

always wear 100% NITRILE gloves when cleaning printed parts.