Post Processing


Once your 3D build has completed, the part on the print platform is considered green until it has been through post-processing. A green part must be handled with 100% nitrile gloves at all times. This section describes how to post-process the part, rendering it safe to handle without nitrile gloves. You will need lint-free paper towels to catch material that may drip from the part, recommended solvent, and two cleaning tubs (included).

Remove Print Platform

always wear 100% nitrile gloves during the post-processing handling of the build parts.

CAUTION: Always follow the precautions noted on the SDS sheets for any material or solvent being used.


  1. Place a paper towel under the part. Lift up the locking handle to allow the print platform to be removed.

NOTE: Material may drip from the part. The towel is used to collect dripping material so that printer components are not exposed to material.

  1. Remove print platform from printer with printed part attached. Support the paper towel underneath with your hand so that it does not dip into the material in the print tray.

    CAUTION: Do not remove the printed part from the print platform while platform is still in the machine. Doing so risks getting partially cured print material in the print tray, which will damage future builds if not cleaned out.

  2. Continue holding the paper towel under the print platform when transporting it to the first stage of post-processing.