Product and Applications


How fast does the printer print? 

Each material builds at a different rate.  

FabPro JewelCast GRN, link to: 

FabPro Tough BLK, link to: 

FabPro Proto GRY,  link to: 


What is the software on the printer?

The printer is controlled by firmware which is updated through the 3DSprint applications software.


Can I cut, fix, and resize files in the software? 

3D Sprint is 3D Systems' exclusive software for preparing and optimizing CAD data and then managing the additive manufacturing process on our plastic 3D printers. With an arsenal of additive manufacturing preparation, editing and management tools, 3D Sprint enables you to significantly decrease cost of ownership of your 3D Systems 3D printers by reducing the need for costly software seats by third party vendors.


Can I transfer files from other software?

3DSprint software supports over 15 file types, including .STL and .OBJ formats.


How much does it cost to renew a software license? 

One permanent 3DSprint software license is included with the purchase of a printer so there is no recurring license renewal fees for the license that comes shipped with the printer.


Does the software generate supports automatically?

Yes.  There are also tools which allow you manipulate the supports if you so desire.


Can I modify supports on a part design?

Yes.  There are also tools which allow you manipulate the supports if you so desire.


Does the printer have different build modes?

The printer/3DSprint software is capable of utilizing different build modes.  Currently there is one mode per material type available.


What is the quality and speed difference between the modes?

There is only one mode per material type.


Do you have a castable material?

Yes. FabPro JewelCast GRN is appropriate for flask casting of jewelry patterns.  For more details on burnout, please see our casting guide.


Can I mix materials?

These materials are not formulated for mixing.


How do I determine which material to use?

FabPro Proto GRY is designed to offer quick turn prototypes and design verification parts.  FabPro Tough BLK is designed for functional parts that require enhanced durability that is not offered by Proto.  While both materials may be usable for many applications- we recommend Tough for those requiring higher durability of a functional plastic, while Proto is best when speed is a primary concern.


How much material is in a bottle?

1 KG


Will you be introducing more materials in the future?

We continue to develop and improve our materials portfolio and if we develop a material that is acceptable to the market, we will release it.


Do I need a curing unit?

Yes, you will need some type of curing unit.  Our materials, curing unit and build process were developed as a set.  If you choose to use a different curing system, we cannot guarantee you will get the same mechanical properties specified on our data sheet.


Can I drill, tap into the parts?

Yes,   you can drill or tap into parts produced with the Proto GRY and Tough BLK materials.


Does this printer use DLP or SLA technology?



What does DLP mean?

Digital Light Processing