Operation Procedures

Applying Cube Glue

Cube Glue contains water-soluble glue that adheres the part to the print pad. It is important that glue is applied to the print pad before starting any print to ensure that the creation does not move during the printing process.
The glue contains a foam applicator under the cap. It is recommended that the bottle is turned upside-down with the cap on to allow the glue to settle into the applicator before applying.
For best results, apply two thin layers of glue to the print pad using slow circular motions when prompted by the touchscreen display. Apply the glue in a pattern that is slightly larger than the footprint of the creation you are printing.

Layer 1

Apply a thin layer of glue to the print pad:


Layer 2

Apply a second thin layer of glue to the print pad in the opposite direction:


NOTE: For best results, allow the glue to dry before printing.