Installing The Advanced Material Tube Kit


The Advanced Materials Tube Kit makes it easier to feed advanced print material to the advanced material print nozzle on extruder 2. This procedure includes several steps that should be closely followed.


  • Clip A (5)
  • Clip B (3)
  • Extra Clips - Clip A (1) and Clip B (1)
  • Template
  • Tube


The tube should be mounted to the top of the cable chain using five (5) clips from the Clip A bag. It is then routed down the back of the interior of the printer behind the print pad chassis and then mounted to the printer floor. Three (3) clips will be needed from the Clip B bag. One (1) will be adhered to the top of the back interior panel of the printer. The other two (2) will be mounted to the printer floor. There are 8 marks on the tube and each mark is precisely positioned where the clips should be attached.

  1. Properly uninstall the print material from extruder 2.
  2. Remove the jet wiper assembly and then raise the print pad enough to easily reach the back area of the printer floor.
  3. Place the template behind the jet wiper slot.
  4. Fold the tabs downward and align the template with the outline of the floor next to the lead screw motor.

  1. Peel off the adhesive backing and mount two (2) clips from the Clip B bag to the floor within the template cutouts.

  1. Remove the template from the printer.
  2. Carefully pull out the extruder 2 eyelet from the extruder block.

  1. Mount the eyelet from the new tube into the extruder block and route it above the cable chain.

  1. Mount the clips from the Clip A bag to the cable chain where the tube marks align. Then, mount the tube to the top of the clips.

NOTE: The clips should be installed on the outer circumference of the cable chain. For best results, lay the tube on top of the cable chain and use the markings on the tube as location points where the clips should be installed. Remember the tube eyelet must remain in the extruder block for proper alignment.


  1. After installing the fifth clip from the Clip A bag, route the tube behind the cable chain. Peel off the backing and mount a clip from the Clip B bag to the back panel of the printer as shown below. Then mount the tube into the clip.

NOTE: For best results, clean the area where the clip will be placed with isopropyl alcohol and then let it thoroughly dry before adhering the clip.

NOTE: The tube should be routed behind the bar and the clip should be mounted near the location as shown.

  1. Install the tube to the two clips mounted to the printer floor. 

  1. When installing an advanced material cartridge in cartridge bay 2, insert the print material into the new tube and follow the normal installation instructions.