Installing Your Cube

NOTE: Keep all packing materials for future transport. Transporting a printer that is not packaged properly may damage the printer and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Pull the clips (A) and remove them from the top of the printer box.

Remove the clips

  1. Open the box.
  2. Remove the upper foam support.

Remove Foam

  1. Remove the printer from the box and remove the protective bag from the printer. Place the printer on a solid, level base where you intend to use it.

Remove the printer

NOTE: When installing the printer there must be a minimum of 8” (203 mm) of space on top and on either side of the printer.

NOTE: There must be a minimum of 4” (102 mm) space in front of and behind the printer.

Hand Clearance Area

  1. Remove the top insert.

Remove the top insert

  1. Fold the sides inward and remove the lower insert from the printer.

Remove the internal insert

  1. Manually raise the print platform (A) and remove the spacer (B) from the printer.

Raise the print platform

  1. Open the accessories box and unpack the material cartridge(s)*, the USB mass storage device, the power supply and cord, and the bottle of Cube Glue.

Open the accessories box

  1. Connect the power supply cable to the power inlet port (A) on the printer.

NOTE: Ensure the connection is secure. The cable should lock in place. To remove the cable, pull back on the outer cable end and carefully pull it out from the printer.

Connect to power

  1. Connect the power cord to utility power and to the power supply.

NOTE: Ensure the connection is secure.

  1. Power on the printer by pressing the button next to the touchscreen display.

Power on the printer