Install A Material Cartridge

Before the printer will print a creation, at least one cartridge must be installed. If you try to print a creation and no cartridges have been installed, the display will prompt you to install a cartridge.

Caution: Material cartridges should only be installed by performing the following procedure. Installing the cartridge without following the prompts from the printer menu can damage the printer and print jets and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. To install a cartridge, select SETUP.


  1. Select the left cartridge.

NOTE: This procedure demonstrates replacing the left material cartridge. Follow the same concept to replace the right material cartridge if applicable.

NOTE: The printer will begin to heat. Wait for the printer to heat and then follow the user prompts in the touchscreen menu.

  1. Insert the print jet (from the cartridge that will be mounted on the left side of the printer) into the left print jet opening on top of the printer.

  1. Rotate the print jet clockwise until the dots align. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: As you rotate the print jet, ensure the print jet tube is tucked under the top of the printer cover.

  1. Mount the cartridge on the left side of the printer. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: It may become necessary to rotate the cartridge slightly to seat it properly.

NOTE: The print jet will begin to heat. Once the print jet has reached the operating temperature, the printer will prime melted material into the refuse bin.

  1. The left cartridge has been installed. Select the checkmark to complete the procedure.

NOTE: Once the cartridge has been installed, allow the print jet to cool down before continuing.