Test Print

Test Print

Test print allows you to print the same welcome message that is printed during the initial setup of the printer. The print is very useful for determining if the gap between the left print jet and the print pad is correct.

  1. Select TEST PRINT.

  1. Select PRINT.

NOTE: If the color built into the test print does not match a color of one of the installed cartridges, the printer will assign an installed cartridge color to the test print.

  1. Apply two thin layers of Cube Glue to the print pad. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: Apply enough glue to cover a square area of 5” (15 cm).

NOTE: For best results, allow the glue to dry before printing.

NOTE: The printer will begin to heat and then begin printing the test print.

  1. Once the printer has finished printing, select the checkmark to go back to the main menu.