Repacking The Printer

If the printer should ever need to be transported, the printer must be properly repackaged using the original packaging materials. If you no longer have your original packaging materials, contact for assistance in obtaining the appropriate packaging materials.

NOTE: Material cartridges should be properly removed from the printer before the printer is repacked.

  1. Power off the printer by pressing and holding the button next to the touchscreen display.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from utility power and disconnect the cord from the power supply.

  1. Disconnect the power supply cable from the printer’s power inlet (A).

NOTE: The power supply cable is designed to lock in place. To remove the cable, pull the outer sleeve back to unlock it and then continue to pull the cable from the printer.

  1. Securely repack all of the accessories into the accessories box. Place the accessories box inside the original printer box.

NOTE: Refer to the contents list in the section titled Unpacking and Setting Up Your Cube.

  1. Carefully lift the print platform (A) and tape the spacer (B) to the printer in the location shown.


  1. Remove the print pad from the printer.
  2. Place the lower insert on top of the print pad and fold the sides outward.


  1. Move the print jet mount to the center of the printer and place the top insert over the mount.

NOTE: The top insert is designed to keep the sides of the lower insert pressed outward.


  1. Place the printer in the protective bag and then place it in the lower foam support in the box.


  1. Place the upper foam support on top of the printer.


  1. Close the box and install the clips in the cutouts on top of the box.
  2. Place the printer box into the outer box and seal the outer box.