Recovering The Cartridge

Purge Jets is a utility that allows you the recover a print cartridge. The cartridge must be properly installed in the printer before performing this procedure.

NOTE: If you do not have the door on your cartridge and need to recover it, please contact Cubify Support.

  1. Carefully open the cartridge door and remove it from the cartridge.

  1. Select SETUP.

  1. Navigate to the Print Jet Calibration screen and select PURGE JETS.

  1. Select the print jet you would like to purge and select the checkmark to continue.

  1. Using the pliers from the tool kit, carefully pull down the material sleeve.

Caution: Do not pinch or twist the filament sleeve.

  1. Using the pliers, grasp the print material just above the sleeve and push the material upward.

NOTE: Once the print jet begins to purge, the upward pressure will allow the feeder to engage the print material.

Caution: Exercise caution when handling the print material to ensure it does not break.

  1. Continue to push the print material upward until the print jet begins purging.

NOTE: Once the print jet reached the operating temperature, it will begin to purge.

NOTE: After purging, the print jets will cool down.

  1. Insert the top of the cartridge door into the cartridge and then secure it in the closed position.

NOTE: As the print material is fed into the print jet, the sleeve will move back into position.