Saving A Model To A Mass Storage Device

Desktop Application For An Offline Printer

For printers not connected to a wireless network, you can save Cube Print models to a USB mass storage device and then transfer the print files by inserting the device into the USB port on the printer.

Pan/Zoom: Rotate the mouse wheel in either direction.
Move The Print Pad: Press and hold the mouse wheel and drag the mouse.
Rotate The Print Pad: Right-click and drag the mouse to rotate the state.
  1. Select an item from My Library and select Print Now.

  1. Select a color wheel to set a color for your model.

  1. Select a color and then select Set.

NOTE: For a list of available colors and material types, please visit


  1. Color, scale and position the model on the print pad.
  2. Select Build.

NOTE: Selecting My Shelf will save the print file to My Library. The original 3D file will remain there as well.

  1. Set your print settings and select SAVE TO FILE.

NOTE: Cube Print will generate a print file.

  1. Once the file has been generated, browse to the USB mass storage device and select Save.

  1. Select OK.

  1. Refer to the section titled Printing Your Creation for more information about printing from a USB mass storage device.