Printing A Model

Printing From A Desktop Application

NOTE: To print a file, ensure the software application and the printer are connected through a wireless network.

NOTE: Transferring the print file over a wireless network may take more time than transferring a print file from a USB mass storage device.

The Cube Print application includes useful tools to place a creation in the optimum position for printing. The model can be moved or rotated using a mouse.

Zoom In/Out: Rotate the mouse wheel in either direction.
Move the Print Pad: Press and hold the mouse wheel and drag the mouse.
Rotate the Print Pad: Right-click and drag the mouse to rotate the print pad.
  1. Select an item from My Library and select Print Now.

  1. Drag a color wheel to the model to color the part.

  1. Scale and position the model and select Build.
  2. Set the print settings and select PRINT.


  1. Name your print file and select OK.


NOTE: Cube Print will begin to generate the print file and then transfer it to the connected printer.


  1. Apply glue to the print pad. Select OK.


  1. Select PRINT on the printer's touchscreen display.

  1. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: For best results, allow the glue to dry before printing.

NOTE: To ensure proper adhesion, the glue area should be larger than the base of your printed creation.

NOTE: The print jets will heat to operating temperature.

NOTE: The printer will begin to print.

  1. When the printer has finished printing, select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: Follow the steps in the section titled Finishing Your Creation.