Cube Print Software Overview

Cube Print is an application where users can upload their favorite 3D models and the desktop app can prepare them for printing with your printer. 

Cube Print is available for Windows® and OS X® operating systems as well as Android® and iOS® mobile platforms. Desktop applications have a full suite of features and the mobile apps monitor your prints. The following overview illustrates the desktop applications and some features may not be available on mobile platforms.

Tool Ribbon The tool ribbon provides access to your library of models and to the print utility.
My Library Upload your favorite 3D models to your library.
Print You may connect to your printer on your wireless network and transfer print files wirelessly or you can use the printer offline and transfer print files using the USB mass storage device. You may also specify the colors and materials to be used for printing.

My Library Tab

My Library is your personal storage place where you can manage your creations.

FILTER Sort the items in My Library by Name or Date. You may also filter your items by file type. 3D files include .STL files. Print files are .cube3 files, optimized and ready to print.
ADD You can add items to your library.
Info Select the information button to view information about the selected item.
Export Export a selected file to your hard drive.
Deselect Deselect a selected part.
Delete Delete a selected item from your library.
Search Search the items in your library.
Menu Verify your application settings, get help and verify the software version.
Print Now Select Print Now to prepare the selected item for printing.
Cube Icon This Cube icon represents print optimized for Cube.
Item Selection The checkmark indicates that the item has been selected.
Cube Icon This Cube icon represents a print-ready Cube file.
EKOCYCLE Icon The EKOCYCLE icon indicates a print-ready EKOCYCLE Cube file.

Print Tab

ADD Add a creation to the print pad from MY SHELF or from a file location.
REMOVE Select and remove a creation from the print pad.
UNDO Undo your last action.
REDO Redo your last action.
MOVE Move the model on the print pad.
ROTATE Rotate the model on the print pad.
SCALE Scale the model.
CENTER Center the model on the print pad.
RESET Reset the model to its original state.
IN Zoom in on a model.
OUT Zoom out on a model.
VIEW Change the view of the model.
PRINTER Locate and connect to your printer on your wireless network.
Printer Name The name of the printer connected to your network. The printer is considered offline if it is not connected to a wireless network.
Help Find help for navigating the print tab in the application.
Cartridges Change the cartridge colors and material type of a non-networked printer.
Print Pad A representation of the printer’s print pad
Build Set the build and print settings.