Curing the QuickCast Patterns

  1. Post cure the pattern(s). Refer to your Post Curing Unit User Guide for additional information.


WARNING: Any resin or support material not removed will be cured to the pattern, so take great care in thoroughly inspecting the pattern before placing it in the UV chamber.

  1. Before curing, make sure to support the patterns and features in the curing unit. This will help avoid warpage. Only use non-combustible items/objects (i.e. rubber bands, foam) as supports.

  2. QuickCast™ curing times are dependent on the size of patterns: smaller patterns typically take 90 minutes; whereas large patterns can take 4+ hours. Follow steps c and d below until the part surfaces are no longer tacky. It is normal for the patterns to show some discoloration from the longer UV exposure times.

  3. Place patterns on one side in the 3D Systems ProCure unit. Cure patterns for 45 minutes.

  4. After the first cure, flip the patterns over and cure in the 3D Systems ProCure unit for another 45 minutes.