1. Simple or complex geometries will drain at various times. After the primary drainage is complete, transfer the build platform (with the QuickCast patterns still attached) to the centrifuge.

centrifuge 2.jpg IMG_7068a.jpg
  A centrifuge is a commonly used device to easily drain uncured material from the pattern interior.


  1. Lean the build platform with the QuickCast pattern(s) still attached against the vertical walls of the rotatable basket inside the centrifuge. Use clips or zip ties to secure the platform against the vertical wall of the basket. This orientation will allow the resin coating the inside of the pattern to be pulled through the drain holes in the down-facing surfaces using centrifugal force generated by the spinning basket.


NOTE: Be sure to counterbalance the weight of the platform and pattern(s) inside the centrifuge by adding one or more platforms/ weights to the opposite side of the basket. Try to achieve the same weight as the platform with the QuickCast patterns.


  1. A centrifuge is recommended to improve the resin removal from inside the patterns. For the above recommended centrifuge, set the speed to 30%. Regardless of the centrifuge used, set the speed to achieve an outward acceleration of no more than 6 Gs, depending on the centrifuge diameter. Time duration will depend on pattern geometry.

  2. Check the pattern(s) for complete drainage after a half hour of spinning (longer times may be needed for larger patterns). Turn off the centrifuge and wait for the basket to come to a complete stop. Use the brake (if included) to slow the basket to a stop quicker.


WARNING: Never open the centrifuge or reach inside while spinning at any RPM. Always wait until the centrifuge comes to a complete stop before opening.


  1. Open the door and inspect the pattern(s) for areas where resin was unable to exit and has accumulated. Using either a handheld drill with a drill bit or a heated metal poking device, add drain holes in these areas. Run the centrifuge for another half hour and then recheck. Repeat this step until there are no more areas of accumulated resin.

  2. Transfer the platform with the pattern(s) from the centrifuge to the cleaning area.


Centrifuge Maintenance

  • Empty the catch container of waste resin at least once a day. Dispose of the resin according to all government regulations.

  • Occasionally clean out any supports that may fall off during processing. Dispose of the supports according to all government regulations.

  • Spin the centrifuge by hand a couple of revolutions prior to every operation to ensure there are no blockages or rubbing of cured resin/supports against the sides.

  • Keep lid closed unless loading or unloading to prevent light from getting inside the machine and curing residual material/debris.

  • Follow all recommended maintenance instructions from your centrifuge manufacturer.