Selecting a Foundry

Selecting a foundry should be your first step to ensure success.

The selection criteria may be based on material to be cast, part size, cost, geographic location, vendor preference and/or experience with casting QuickCast build style patterns. Your 3D Systems’ application engineer or sales representative can provide assistance in recommending an experienced foundry. There are many foundries with QuickCast build style experience.

Before the design is final, contact a foundry to discuss your casting requirements. Establishing effective communication is key to casting success. Providing a drawing or preferably a model of your future casting will aid the foundry engineer and assure successful casting of your project. Be prepared to explain what you wish to achieve in terms of accuracy, finish, NDT (Non-Destructive-Testing) requirements, detail and delivery.The designer, pattern builder and foundry working concurrently will aid design, manufacture, schedule and cost.