Introduction to the QuickCast Patterns

With 3D Systems’ SLA® systems and the QuickCast build style (also referred to as the QuickCast Style, or colloquially as “QuickCast”), you can rapidly produce functional metal prototypes without production of hard tooling at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. TheQuickCast build style is a proven product facilitator that reduces long lead times on metal castings by as much as 80 percent or more.

QuickCast build style patterns replace traditional wax patterns for investment casting with patterns produced directly from your 3-D CAD data using 3D Systems SLA system technology. The QuickCast build style method allows you to rapidly produce highly accurate, robust patterns using 3D Systems’ stereolithography systems (SLA systems), bypassing the expensive and time-consuming step of machining hard tooling. The net result is QuickCast style patterns in as little as 2 to 4 days and quality metal castings in 1 to 4 weeks (depending on part geometry), compared to 18 to 20 weeks using conventional methods. When amortizing tooling on short-run production requirements is prohibitive by cost or time constraints, the QuickCast build style provides an excellent solution.

The QuickCast build style and process have proven this versatility in literally tens of thousands of different complex configurations and geometries in an extensive range of metals—including aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, magnesium, titanium, copper-, nickel- and cobalt based alloys.

The QuickCast process of producing a “rapid” pattern for investment casting utilizing 3D System’s SLA system technology, was developed through an intensive cooperative effort with leading manufacturers and foundries throughout the world and its widespread acceptance is now firmly established. Thousands of metal parts have already been processed using SLA systems and the QuickCast process – using no tooling whatsoever, by hundreds of manufacturers and dozens of forward thinking investment casting foundries.

The QuickCast build style is a mathematical algorithm that will automatically hollow a solid SL geometry with a lattice structure inside, removing up to 90% of the mass. This structure minimizes the mass to burnout during the casting process (see illustration below). For creating your 3-dimensional solid design in CAD, there is nothing special required in CAD (see Design Considerations). When you’re ready to create your design as a QuickCast pattern, you will simply choose the QuickCast build style from the menu in 3D Sprint build file preparation software.


QCS stacked.jpg

The QuickCast build style utilizes a lattice internal structure that  provides necessary structural integrity during pattern preparation, yet readily collapses during flash fire or autoclaving operations, and burns out during flash fire operations.