Region - Edit Menu

Region - Edit Menu (applies specifically to each region)

  1. Specific to QuickCast Diamond, key parameters are:

    1. Specify shell thickness

    2. Border overcure for “Diamond lattice border”.

  2. Setting “Specify shell thickness”:

7.png 8.png


  1. With “Specify shell thickness” unchecked, the user can manually adjust “Additional borders” and “Multiple border offset” to achieve the desired thickness in the X and Y direction.  For the Z direction, the thickness is controlled by “Number of Fill Layers”.

  2. With “Specify shell thickness” checked, the shell thickness entered will calculate a “Number of Fill Layers” and “Additional borders” value (in conjunction with the “Multiple border offset” value) that will yield a shell thickness as closest to the value entered.

  3. Regardless of whether “Specify shell thickness” is checked, the printed shell thickness will always be a discrete value, based on “Additional borders” and “Multiple border offset” for X and Y, and “Number of Fill Layers” for Z.  Due to tolerances, printer and material conditions, actual measured thicknesses may vary from the values entered.  Minor adjustments can be made by adjusting “Number of Fill Layers”, “Additional borders” and “Multiple border offset”.

  4. Depending on the print material, higher shell thicknesses may require additional wait times to ensure a smooth horizontal surfaces.  Another option is to reduce the shell thickness or uncheck “Specify shell thickness” and reduce the “Number of Fill Layers” for higher shell thicknesses entered.

  5. When checking and unchecking the “Specify shell thickness” box, pay attention to the “Number of Fill Layers” and “Additional borders” values.  The rounding calculations in the software may inadvertently shift those values depending on the “Specify shell thickness” value.


  1. Setting Diamond lattice border overcure:


  1. This value controls the bond strength layer to layer. The higher the number, the higher the bond strength.