Curing Parts on the Build Platform to Prevent Warpage

When building flat geometries in the Accura AMX Durable Natural, the parts are prone to warping in the post-cure if removed from the supports and build plate prior to the UV Post-Cure. This is true for parts built in the flat orientation and flat parts built at compound angles. Curing parts on the platform will enable the full strength of the Accura AMX Durable Natural material and the supports will be very difficult to remove from the parts.

Prevent Warpage 1.png Prevent Warpage 2.png
Examples of Flat Parts. The image on the left uses the Flat Supports, the image on the right uses the Dense Supports


Both of these examples can be cured on the supports while still attached to the build platform to help keep the parts from warping.  The parts may require some additional post-cure time after removing the parts from the platform.  Below are a couple of examples of parts cured both on and off the platform.

Prevent Warpage 3.jpg

Both were built in the Flat orientation. The part on the left was cured on the support while still attached to the platform. The part on the right was removed from the supports after cleaning and then cured.


The way that platforms are placed into the post-curing device is also important. Since parts will be cured while still attached ot the build platform, ensuring that a direct source of light is pointed at the bottom of the platform is critical in making sure the parts get cured properly. Using glass jars to prop the platform up upside-down in the ProCure750 allows for the bulbs at the top of the chamber to assist in curing the bottom side of the parts. Placing the parts on a raised platform along with flipping it over will help evenly cure the entire part.

Prevent Warpage 4.png Prevent Warpage 5.png