Photo Bleaching Parts

Despite curing the Accura AMX Durable Natural according to the guidelines, certain geometries can still look a little off-white. Especially parts with thicker cross sections or deep wells. If a more uniform white color is desired, additional post-curing steps can be done. The parts below have some off-white color to the thicker portions and inside of the cavities.

Bleaching Parts 1.jpg

The way to improve the color of the part is to provide additional time in the post-cure unit. This process can be best achieved using the same recommended temperature for standard post-cure.  Ideally, having your curing systems reach 60-80 degrees Celsius will accelerate the whitening process. After an additional 90 minutes in the LC-3D curing unit, the parts turned a uniform and consistent color. Curing parts in 90 minute increments in the ProCure350 and ProCure750 will produce similar results. Making sure vents are closed down to trap heat in the UV Chamber will help accelerate the whitening process.

Bleaching Parts 2.jpg

Here is another example of a part that was cured and then given an additional cycle to whiten the part up.

Bleaching Parts 3.jpg