Applications, Benefits Features


  • Mandrel tooling for composites in automotive and aerospace applications
  • Functional assemblies and prototypes
  • Manufacturing aids, jigs, and fixtures
  • Containers and enclosures
  • Structural components such as brackets and couplings 


  • Thermoplastic behavior with necking at break gives better snap-fits and clip features
  • Long term environmental stability of mechanical properties and snap-fit performance
  • Durability and strength
  • Excellent surface quality, accuracy & repeatability without the tooling time and additional cost.


  • High impact, high elongation
  • Superior toughness and tear resistance
  • Enables mandrels to be easily removed whole, even from convoluted tubing
  • Withstands repeated flexing, bending, and loading
  • Long-term environmental and mechanical stability (indoor to 8 years) 
  • High accuracy and fine detail resolution
  • Aesthetic comparable to injection molded plastics