2500 Wax Jewelry Best Practice Post Processing

ProJet® MJP Printer Series Applications Guide to:

2500W Jewelry Best Practice: Post Processing


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Site Setup


  1. Provide adequate shelf space to place and manage the printed patterns. Below is a list of the post processing items:
  • 1 hot plate with magnetic stirrer, digital thermal probe control (2 sets recommended).
  • 2 glass bowls/containers for 99% IPA or Visijet Support Wax Remover.
  • 2 silicon/metal strainers big enough to fit in the glass container.
  • Low pressure compressed air (wall pressure regulator).
  • Absorbent Paper.
  • Plastic or metal tray.
  • Nitrile Gloves.
  1. Fume extractor and proper air circulation is recommended for the odor during the process. (Fume extractor cabinet is the best choice).
  2. Waste IPA collection tank to deposit/recycle properly.
  3. Proper IPA deposit.
  4. IPA recycler unit (for high production is a long term cost saving process).

* You must meet the local safety requirements, this is just a general common line. Safety First!


Cleaning process

Here some information about the magnetic stirrer settings:

  1. Set the digital probe temperature to 36°C.
  2. Set the stirring @ 400-600 RPM (be sure the pattern will not move in the liquid)
  3. If parts are moving too much, use metal wires and a support bar to hold it in place.
  4. If using IPA remember not to leave the parts for too long, IPA will damage the surface.
  5. If needed (big parts) take part out, cool down wash with fresh moderately warm water and dry with low pressure air, then put back in the fresh IPA.
  6. 2 passes are the best option, first IPA bath when 90% of the supports are dissolved, then fresh IPA bath for final clean. Don't use a spent/old IPA. Properly manage the turnover of the first and second bath. Picture of solidified IPA flakes -bar test?
  7. After all support wax is removed, rinse with warm 35°C water until all the residual IPA is washed off as well.
  8. Dry with fresh low pressure air.
  9. If needed, final liquid paraffin pass and water and soap wash will preserve the wax's blue color and have NO impact on the casting.

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Advanced Process

Heat carving wax tool can be useful to have on hand, also a wax welding station and wax adhesive as well to repair the parts if needed.

For some application here a list of tools you can use to achieve a smoother surface:

  1. Gas flame burner/electric heat gun.
  2. Addictive chemical solvent, white petrol, thinner, liquid paraffin.
  3. Soft paint brushes different measure and type.
  4. Desk lamp with magnifying glass.