Import NextDent Print Materials into 3Shape Software

The following steps will guide you through adding any NextDent print material into 3Shape software.

  1. Download the DME file for your material from the list at the right.

NOTE: Not all NextDent materials have a DME file, as not all indications are available in 3Shape.


Denture 3D+_1.0.dme

Model 2.0 ND5100_1.0.dme

C&B MFH_1.0.dme

Ortho Rigid.dme


NextDent materials complete_1.1.dme - imports settings for all NextDent materials


  1. Open up the Control Panel by clicking the cog icon.
  1. On the next screen, under Tools, click Import/Export.
  1. Under Import Materials, click the Import Materials button.
  1. Select the DME file for the material you wish to install.
  1. On the next screen, click the Import button to begin the import process.
  1. The software may ask you to either rename or keep the name of the imported file. Click the checkbox next to Do the same for all similar cases. Click the Rename button. The software will automatically rename the file and the change will be permanent.
  1. To finalize the settings file import, close the Control Panel and click the Yes button to confirm save.


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