NextDent Ortho Rigid

NextDent Ortho Rigid is a biocompatible Class IIa material developed for digital manufacturing of splints. In combination with suitable software, it is possible to easily design and print splints.

Accuracy Tips

In order to achieve good accuracy with Ortho Rigid it is important to follow the part setup instructions below for orientation and supports. Some other key tips are as follows:

  1. For best results orient the parts flat in the build area so the surface fitting the teeth is away from the print platform.
  2. Verify proper cleaning method. Insure cleaning solvents are not saturated and parts are allowed to dry before post cure.

Orientation- Full Arches

All Ortho Rigid parts are intended to print flat or the bottom surface being parallel to the XY-plane grid on 3DSprint™. Use Orient functions to orient part such that the bottom surface is parallel to the XY-plane grid.


Figure 1. Isotropic view of arches parts parallel XY-plane grid.



Figure 2. The Orient function window with Manual/Set Base selected.


The Manual selection in the Orient function allows the user to select the base of the part. Once chosen, selecting SET BASE will auto orient the part to be flat.

Add Supports- Full Arches

Add supports to the part using the Create Supports function under the Smart Supports icon. Look at the supports to verify the placement and ensure they are only on the bottom surface of the part.


Figure 3. The arch is supported correctly.