NextDent Ortho Flex

  1. Generate support bar with a width of 3 mm and a tip width of minimum 1.5 mm.
  1. Place bar between the last molars.
  2. Generate supports by using Smart Supports. Rather than deleting auto-generated supports, consider moving them to another position. Removing critical supports that interfere with a margin line may affect print quality.

  3. For best results, use the Resin Mixer to gently stir between prints and after the resin has been sitting overnight.

  4. After printing, do not remove supports. Wash and cure parts with supports in place.

  5. Verify proper cleaning method. Ensure cleaning solvents are not saturated, and that parts are dried for 10 minutes prior to post-curing.

  6. After post curing, allow parts to cool down to room temperature before support removal.