Ortho Stacked

NextDent Model 2.0 is characterized by its high degree of accuracy, making this material suitable for detailed master prosthodontic and orthodontic models where high precision is needed. The models show highly visual details due to color and opacity and has an ideal surface for scan impressions.

The accurate printed models are the perfect base for creating your dental work piece. Available in colors Peach, White and Grey.

Accuracy Tips

In order to achieve good accuracy on Model 2.0 materials it is important to follow the part setup instructions below for orientation and supports. Some other key tips are as follows:

  1. For best results use the Resin Mixer to gently stir between prints and after the resin has been sitting overnight.

    CAUTION: Do NOT press down on the film when stirring.

  2. Allow parts to dry completely, a minimum of ten minutes, before post cure.
  3. Verify proper cleaning method. Insure cleaning solvents are not saturated.
  4. Optimized for automatic nesting, hollowing, and placement of orthodontic models for single and multiple stacked levels.
  5. Select the stacked-printing-button.jpg option in 3D Sprint, and then click Apply. The software will hollow, support and slice models.
  6. Models that are possible to stack are:

    1. Solid horse shoe models

    2. Hollow horse shoe models

    3. Text labeling on bottom of models

    4. Text labeling on side of models.

  7. Models that are NOT possible to stack are:

    1. Attachments for machining (not yet)

    2. Full palate models

    3. Asymmetric models

  8. Watch the video showing full functionality!