General Post-Processing Tips

  1. For large parts, dense arrays of parts, or negative features in the bottom of part, you might wish to clean the parts while still on the print platform. If this is the case, increase Minimum Support Height to 5-7 mm to make cleaning under the parts easier.
  2. You may need to remove the bottom bulk of supports (not tips) before cleaning. Allowing the part to dry before removing supports allows for less scratching of the part.
  3. After a curing cycle in the LC-3DPrint Box, the glass plate inside will be hot. To prevent part warping, avoid placing green parts on the glass plate when it is still hot. For best results on large or flat parts:
    1. Post-cure for 20 minutes on the print platform and allow five minutes to cool.
    2. Remove the part from the print platform and remove the supports.
    3. Cure the part on the glass for the standard amount of time listed in the quick-reference chart.
  4. Green parts should be handled with care to prevent scratching of them. Cleaning, drying, and post curing on the print platform can help this as well.