General Tips

  • Before beginning stacked printing, you may wish to complete our Figure 4 training videos for 3D Sprint fundamentals. General best practices apply to stacked printing.
  • See the FAQ section if you are experiencing software or printing errors.
  • The most important factor to ensure successful prints is placing supports/struts correctly.
  • Make sure to practice preventative maintenance to ensure consistent and optimal print.
  • Pour unused print material through an automotive funnel to remove any print debris and to keep material in optimal condition. Follow the recommendations here for funnel usage.
  • Take note that dense stacked prints might require more material than the resin tray can hold. You might need to reduce stack height or reduce the stack density.
  • If you also have a Figure 4 Modular printer, and want to print the same build on both machines:
    • Select Modular as your printer and set up the stack.
    • To create the Standalone version, change the printer to Standalone within the build file, and then double-lasso select any rows of the stack that are highlighted red. Make sure to select the stack rows twice, as the first selection will select the whole stack, rather than the red parts.