Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10

Figure 4™ RUBBER-BLK 10 is a high-tear-strength material for production-hard, rubber-like parts with slow-rebound.

General Tips

  1. General best practices apply, as seen in the Figure 4 Print Material Quick Reference.

  2. Material is soft when green. You must orient it in 3D Sprint to allow for the maximum number of support locations.

  3. Tall parts (>100 mm) print best at 30 µm layer thickness.

  4. Take care when handling green parts due to their flexible nature.

  5. IPA does not dissolve this material. Propylene Carbonate must be used when cleaning printed parts.  IPA should only be used as a final rinse.

  6. Parts can be sticky until post cured.


Please see Orientation section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Please see Additional Tips & Tricks section for TOUGH-GRY 10.