Figure 4 Rigid White

Figure 4® RIGID WHITE is an opaque rigid white production-grade plastic for same-day parts. This biocompatible-capable materialprovides a smooth surface finish, long-term environmental stability, and long-lasting, clean white color.

Material Tips

  1. Mix material gently in resin tray before each print.
  2. Each morning before printing, roll the bottle for 20-minutes.

Accuracy Tips

  1. General best practices apply, as seen in the Figure 4 Print Material Quick Reference.
  2. Place parts a minimum of 8mm apart to improve material flow and adhesion
  3. If adhesion issues occur, raise the Base Layer Curing Time to 100sec. It may be necessary to also make Base Truss Infill Type to 'Solid' rather than 'Connected Solid'.
  4. If printing flat surfaces reduce the Interval Distance to 3-5mm to improve pillowing effect. Adding some supports will also improve part.
  5. When printing  thick parts or very dense platforms, use Premium Plus for best results. Note - mode will be ~2x slower but can provide very good part quality.

General Round Tip Supports

  1. Best for general use for small parts up to large and large cover parts
  2. When printing small fine parts in this material, the user may need to modify the Pillar Tip Ratio
  3. Flat surfaces may need extra supports to prevent delamination.

Post Processing Tips

  1. General Best Practices apply.
  2. If parts have yellow after initial post cure part may need to be rotated and cured another 30 min.
  3. If part are on platform it is best to try and hang parts upside down to post cure.
  4. After sanding, if yellow discoloration occurs, cure in LC-3D for 30min to turn white