Figure 4 Rigid 140C Black

Figure 4® Rigid 140C Black is a high performance material, delivering production-grade parts with long-term mechanical stability in various environments. Suitable for housings, casings, and all types of prototyping or production components. Ideal for automotive under-the-hood and internal cabin end-use clips, covers, connectors, housings & fasteners, electrical latching, and board connectors.

Material Tips

  1. Material is a two-part epoxy/acrylate hybrid with an A&B part that must be mixed at 19:1 ratio

  2. Mix new amount for each print unless in the SAME day

  3. Material Amount = Part Est+100g+(Est*15%)

  4. May need to add 20% rather than 15% pending the density of print or part

3D Sprint Tips

  1. General Best Practices apply

  2. Default layer thickness for accuracy is at 30um layer thickness.

  3. Orient small holes (0.5-1mm) parallel to the plate when possible.

  4. For best results space parts at a minimum of 10mm apart.

3D Sprint Supports

General Round Tip - DEFAULT
Best for Standard Thick build style, when reliability is a must such as tensile bars, and accuracy blocks

Post-Processing Tips

  1. General Best Practices apply

  2. Manual clean ONLY, do not use sonication

  3. Wear wet gloves when handling parts to prevent smudges

  4. Due to the lack of sonication, a soft bristled brush and/or IPA squirt bottle may be required to clear small crevices of uncured resin.

  5. Note Thermal post cure at 3min ramp rate to 130C and 3-hour steady cure

  6. Allow parts to cool to room temperature before handling

  7. Rinse with water - If TPM is not rinsed with water, the part may get blue/white marks on the sidewalls.

  8. IPA Clean - To prevent degrading the elongation-at-break properties, do NOT exceed recommended time in IPA (1-2 minutes).

  9. Thermal post cure requires a three-hour hold at 130°C to fully cure the parts. Do not exceed three hours for post curing.