Semi-Auto Support Generation

This process will create auto-generated supports, in addition to support struts you have already created.

  1. Create struts for cross-bracing between each stack/column after stack is created.
  2. Click Smart Support, go to the Generate tab, and click Create Supports.
  3. Go to the Analyze tab to view support-point placements.
  4. If you wish to only create smart supports for the bottom layer of the stack, or to ignore struts when creating supports, expand the Stacking section and check Bottom Stack Layer Only.

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  1. Support points created with Smart Support are also replicated across a stacked print for each cell. However, supports aren't necessarily the same. These support points can be modified in the Modify tab using several features.
    1. Group Edit - This drop down provides different options for adding/removing support points, to be replicated by their respective cells.
      1. All - This selection makes any support modification affect all cells equally.
      2. Later B/NB - "B" is the bottom layer. "NB" is everything except the bottom layer. This selection allows for different support strategies for supports that go from the base or first row of parts to the print platform, versus those that go between parts.
      3. Layer - This selection allows for control of support-point modification on a specific part layer.
      4. Part - This selection allows you to edit specific part/cell supports without affecting other parts.

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