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3D Sprint Questions

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Why can I not create a stack with multiple parts? You can create a stack with multiple parts, but the parts will have to be combined into one part.
Why is Sprint taking a while to create a stack? This could be a result of the number of parts you are planning to stack, and/or part file size.
Why is Sprint running slow when creating struts? There could be so many parts that it is slowing the system down. Make sure View Neighbors is on when creating struts.
I cannot see the inside of my part because there are too many struts, or the parts are too close together. Use the clipping tool in VIEW in x/y/z. Make sure to turn off "outline" when viewing a stack. You can make your clipping planes visible in one direction or another to help with strut point placement. Otherwise, you can hide parts in the parts list by selecting the parts you want hidden and selecting the eye icon next to one of those selected parts.
Why can I not create struts on another strut? Make sure to use CTRL + Left Mouse Click to add points on a strut.
Do I have to print a whole stack? How do I print a section of a stack and not have to recreate the stack for a Modular height? You can create your stacks to the height that the Modular machine allows because you can remove parts and their corresponding struts to the height you want afterwards. After creating a Modular stack, save your Sprint file. Drag-and-select the group or row of parts you want to delete twice, and then press delete. Then save this file as a new file, and then send to your printer.


Question Answer
What if my print fails because the base did not stick onto the platform? Make sure that the print platform and resin-tray membrane are clean. Also make sure to mix the print material.
What if my parts fall off of the struts or base? Make sure you have added enough struts, and that you are supporting any down-facing bottom layers. Otherwise, edit strut parameters to be thicker.