Premium Plus Build Style

The new Premium Plus build style is found in the PRO-BLK 10, Rigid White, and HI TEMP 300 AMB materials. The intention of this build style is to further open the print capability tools so the user may print parts or platforms of parts that may have previously been difficult within the system using Draft, Standard or Premium build styles.

The Premium Plus build style will be a slower print than the Premium build style and will generally print up to 3X longer print times. However, the longer print time allows for the part to be accurately printed where it previously may not have been possible to print well on the Figure 4 system due to geometry constraints. premium-plus-build-style.png
The Premium Plus build style is best used for the following:

  • Large thick parts that are difficult to print square and without distortion.
  • Dense platforms which includes many parts in a single print or thicker cross sections.