Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10

Figure 4™ PRO-BLK 10 is a production-grade additive manufacturing material with game-changing thermoplastic-like mechanical properties, and environmental stability of mechanical and performance properties over time.

General Tips

  1. General best practices apply, as seen in the Figure 4 Print Material Quick Reference.
  2. When printing thick parts or very dense platforms, use Premium Plus for best results. Note mode will be ~2x slower but can provide very good part quality.


Please see Orientation section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Fine Flat Tip
Best for general use for fine small parts up to large and large-cover parts.

General Flat Tip
Best for large heavy-duty parts needing more robust tips. Check coverage before printing.

General Round Tip
Best for Standard Thick build style, when reliability is a must such as tensile bars, and accuracy blocks.