Figure 4 MED-AMB 10

Figure 4™  MED-AMB 10 is a translucent, rigid material with biocompatibility, designed to support a range of industrial and medical applications. For biocompatibility information, please visit here.

Accuracy Tips

In order to achieve good accuracy with MED-AMB 10, it is important to follow the part setup instructions below for orientation and supports. Some other key tips are as follows:

  1. Use orientation to minimize large cross sections areas.
  2. If re-orienting does not address accuracy issues, run the Accuracy Wizard for MED-AMB 10.
  3. Remove parts from platform after printing. After 12-hours, large parts can detach from print platform and fall into resin tray.
  4. For full platforms and parts with cross sectional areas, print quality is best in Premium mode. Or add 1-2 seconds to slow down the Interval Pause Time and the Interval Down Time in the Build Style by an extra 1-2 seconds.
  5. Verify proper cleaning method. Ensure cleaning solvents are not saturated and parts are allowed to dry completely before post cure.


Please see Orientation section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Please see Additional Tips & Tricks section for TOUGH-GRY 10.