Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10

Figure 4™ FLEX-BLK 10 is a material suited for prototyping, and offers high strength and stability for production applications. Producing parts in a fraction of the time required to produce molded parts, this material accelerates the design and iteration of new concepts with flexible, durable, functional prototypes for industrial and consumer goods applications.

Accuracy Tips

In order to achieve good accuracy with FLEX-BLK 10, it is important to follow the part setup instructions below for orientation and supports. Some other key tips are as follows:

  1. Use orientation to minimize large cross-sectional areas.
  2. Orient part to print non-flat surfaces. Flat surfaces may show more support scarring than other Figure 4 materials.
  3. For full platforms and parts with large cross-sectional areas, print quality is best in Premium mode. Alternatively, you could go into the Build Style menu and add 1-2 seconds to both the Interval Pause Time and Interval Down Time.
  4. Verify proper cleaning method. Ensure cleaning solvents are not saturated and parts are allowed to dry before post curing.