Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10

Figure 4™  ELASTIC-BLK 10 is a material suited for the prototyping and design of a wide variety of elastomeric parts. Producing parts in a fraction of the time required to produce molded parts, this material accelerates the design and iteration of new concepts with rubber-like functional prototypes for industrial and consumer goods applications.

Accuracy Tips

  1. General best practices apply, as seen in the Figure 4 Print Material Quick Reference.
  2. Remove parts from platform after printing. After 12 hours, large parts can detach from print platform and fall into material tray.


Please see Orientation section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Best for general use for medium sized parts up to large and large-cover parts.

General Flat Tip Supports

Please see General Flat Tip Supports section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Fine Flat Tip Supports

Please see Fine Flat Tip Supports section for TOUGH-GRY 10.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Please see Additional Tips & Tricks section for TOUGH-GRY 10.