Support Anchor Placement

When creating supports automatically, the supports that are generated might not always be the most-optimal. This section will show you how to modify supports by adding or erasing support anchor points.

  1. Ensure that the part(s) are properly oriented before before generating supports. If you have multiple parts, it is best to group them together by using the Combine/Separate Tool. Click this tool in the top menu.
  2. Ensure that combine button.jpg is selected. Click and drag a square around the parts to select them.
  3. Click combine-into-new-part.jpg
  1. Now, when you generate supports, they will connect the two parts together. Generate supports using the Smart Supports dialog window.
  1. Support anchors can be changed by clicking in the Modify tab of the Smart Supports dialog window.
  1. Add supports by clicking the ADD button and clicking an area on the surface of a part where another support is needed.
  1. Erase supports by clicking the ERASE button and clicking the green anchor sphere(s) where you no longer want supports.

General Tips on Adding/Erasing Supports

  1. Supports in the middle of sidewalls are generally not necessary. Delete supports like the one circled at the right.
  1. Anchors that appear under the part, in relation to the print platform, should be deleted.
supports-under-part v2.jpg