FabPro Tough BLK

A durable plastic material for producing black parts for functional prototyping and production parts. Combined with the versatility, reliability and small footprint of the FabPro, this tough material provides a solution to create mechanical assemblies, fit testing prototypes and functional parts.

Part Quality and Accuracy Tips

In order to achieve good accuracy with TOUGH BLK it is important to follow the part setup instructions below for orientation and supports. Some other key tips are as follows:

  1. Use orientation to minimize large cross sections areas.
  2. Before each build, make sure there is no debris stuck to the film, nor floating around in the tray. If debris is suspected to be present, filter the debris out using a thin wire mesh material by pouring the material from the tray into the original material bottle or glass jar. Clean tray as needed and inspect the film for damage before pouring material back in.
  3. Follow and apply accuracy wizard procedure for each printer to get highest accuracy parts.
  4. For best results use the Resin Mixer to gently stir between prints and after the resin has been sitting overnight.

    CAUTION: Do NOT press down on the film when stirring.

  5. Verify proper cleaning method. Insure cleaning solvents are not saturated and parts are allowed to dry before post cure.


Please see Orientation section for FabPro Proto GRY.

Add Supports

Please see Add Supports section for FabPro Proto GRY.