FabPro Elastic BLK

A design elastomer.

Part Quality and Accuracy Tips

  1. Before each build, make sure there is no debris stuck to the film, nor floating around in the tray. If debris is suspected to be present, filter the debris out using a thin wire mesh material by pouring the material from the tray into the original material bottle or glass jar. Clean tray as needed and inspect the film for damage before pouring material back in.
  2. For best results use the Resin Mixer to gently stir between prints and after the resin has been sitting overnight.

    CAUTION: Do NOT press down on the film when stirring.

  3. Remove parts from print platform soon after printing. Remove large parts within six hours of the end of a print, and all smaller parts within 24 hours from the end of a print. Due to the elastic nature of the material, and gravity, failure to do this risks the part detaching from the print platform and falling into the print tray. This will cause a resin spill and partially cured resin to be left in the tray. It can also damage your build.
  4. Verify proper cleaning method. Ensure cleaning solvents are not saturated and parts are allowed to dry before post-curing.
  5. To get best surfaces, cut supports off of part before post-curing.
  6. Verify print tray is full of material before printing.


Please see Orientation section for FabPro Proto GRY.

Add Supports

Please see Add Supports section for FabPro Proto GRY.

Advanced users who would like to try to print flat-bottom parts, such as gaskets, directly on the print platform without supports may do so by taking the following steps in 3D Sprint:

  1. Go to Build Style > Advanced.
  1. Scroll down and set the Min. Support Height field to 0. Then click Apply.
  1. Use the Transform tool to move parts to sit flush on the bottom of the grid (print platform).